Monday, May 18, 2015

My New Garmin Watch

Running is a numbers game.  If you get a faster time than the runner behind you, you beat him.  If you get a slower time than the runner in front of you, you lose to him.  Running is only numbers, times and paces combined to get you the gold. Knowing your running times is crucial to becoming a better runner, and without a proper watch to help record your times, it is almost impossible to improve as a runner.  And that's where I enter the story.  I'm a new runner - I just joined my very first Cross Country team this year in the fall.  I loved Cross Country and I loved keeping my race times, pretty much just because I'm a math kid.  But for my track season in the spring, I wanted to take the next step and get ahead of my competition.  I knew that I needed a more accurate and better way to keep times of my runs, and some kind of device to help me track my running distance.  And that's where a simple green and black Garmin watch enters the story.

I received my Garmin watch in preparation for my track season this spring.  My parents gave it to me as a gift for Hanukkah at the end of 2014.  I had just recently finished my first ever Cross Country season and I wanted a new watch that could tell me the distance I had traveled, a GPS watch.  My Garmin watch helped me throughout the track and field season to improve on my times in meets and at practices.  My new Garmin watch symbolizes my determination to strive to become a better runner.  Ever since joining the cross country and track seasons I have been trying to be the best runner that I can.  I know that with my new Garmin watch, which can track distance as well as save all of my old runs, I can become much faster.  A really cool feature of my Garmin watch is that it can connect with the Garmin website where I can keep track of my daily workouts.  On top of wearing my Garmin to run, I also wear my Garmin all around.  My Garmin watch counts my steps, amount of miles traveled in a day, and amount of calories burned.  On top of that, my watch sets goals for each day automatically on how many steps I should take, miles I should travel, and calories I should burn.  My Garmin watch has impacted my life and many ways and I am very grateful that I received this gift.  What's one gift in your life that has impacted you? - AG

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