Friday, May 22, 2015

District Championship Meet

The day was here.  April 16, 2015 was a day I had been looking forward to for quite some time now, possibly even a few months.  April 16, 2015 was the day of the FHSAA 2A District 15 meet.  In other words, this was the day of the District Track & Field meet, a very important meet for myself and the first Track & Field District meet of my career.  Coming into the meet I felt great, I was planning on running the 1600 meter race (about 1 mile) at about 7:00 p.m. and the 3200 meter race (about 2 miles) at about 9:15, meaning that I had more than enough time to rest in between my two events.  In the 1600, I was going into the District meet with a PR (personal record) of 5:25.06, and I was hoping to crack 5:20 at the District meet.  I felt very confident as I sat at the meet, watching and cheering my teammates run and jump and preparing for my first event by going through my pre-run stretch routine and taking a light jog around the track.  But when I heard the announcement for the first call of the 

1600, the nerves began to kick in - "Too much water? Nah, I'm good," I said to myself.  "Not enough water? I just drank a whole bottle," I thought as I went back in forth in my head.  There was even a slight moment when I had to check and see if my number pin was in the correct position I was so stressed.  But when I stepped up to the starting line and the heard the roar of the gun in my ear as the race began, all the nerves seemed to disintegrate.  I felt great for my first two laps and I was right where I wanted to be - in the middle of the pack.  During the third lap I seemed to find a random burst of energy, and I used it to pass my teammate in the middle of the third lap, nearing the 600 meter mark.  The last lap was when I gave all I had left in the tank, and my final sprint of the last 100 meters was one of my bests ever.  I was delighted as I crossed the finish line because I knew that I gave it my all in the race.  I was even happier when my friends ran up and told me I broke 5:20, and later found out I finished at 5:18.65.  At that point I was so tired from my 1600 meter race that I could've cared less about my 3200 meter race.  My favorite event was the 1600 and I had broken my old PR by about 7 seconds, which is an outstanding feat for a freshman, let alone any runner.  Coming into the 3200 meter race I just had the goal of running it as best as I can, and I finished it in 12:12.02, only 8 seconds slower than my PR of 12:04.16.  Overall, I was very pleased with how I ran at the District meet.  With continuing practice over the summer, I know I can come back and run very well for my Cross Country team in the fall.  What's your favorite sport and how do you prepare for it? - AG

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