Monday, May 25, 2015

5,000 Kilometers

Yeah it's tough - 5,000 kilometers is a pretty far distance.  Stepping up to the starting line and thinking to yourself, "I can't believe that I'm 5,000 kilometers away from feeling that enormous sense of pride as I cross the finish line."  Running a 5k is quite a daunting task; it's 3.1 miles of exhaustion, grit, and determination.  But with the proper training and keeping yourself in shape, you can accomplish it.  I began getting into running this year.  In the fall I joined the North Broward Cross Country team. My only running experience prior to myself joining the Cross Country team was running for one year on my middle school's track team, but it wasn't very serious or intensive.  I joined the NB Cross Country team to try a new sport and to make some new friends at a new school where I knew very few people.  I knew that Cross Country was a very difficult sport, running a 5k at meets and running between 3 and 7 miles at practice with varying speed intervals are both very difficult things to do.  But I knew that if I wanted to become a great runner I had to push myself to the limit, and joining the XC team would do just that.  My first few days of XC practice were very difficult - I often found myself having to stop early and sit on the sideline feeling sick, as I watched the other runners who had been practicing for months or years more than I had finishing up their workouts.  I strived to become the best runner that I could, and my first goal was to finish a whole week of practice without giving up or ending early.  After accomplishing this feat and slowly improving week after week, the first meet came up.  It was the Oxbridge Invitational at Northwood University.  I finished at 21:32.02, much better than I had expected to finish at.  Throughout the season I continued to improve on my 5k time, dropping my PR (personal record) to 20:43.31 after about a month.  In the last meet of the year,  the FHSAA 2A District 15 meet, I finished the race at 20:10.18, cutting off of about 33 seconds from my previous record and shaving off about a minute and 22 seconds from my first meet of the season.  Overall, I had faced 5,000 kilometers a total of six times throughout the XC season.  I faced it with confidence and determination and came out on top, I'm just so excited to do the exact same thing next season.  How do you face a new challenge in your life? - AG

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